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CREAL’s Mission

Transforming Real Estate Investment for a Better Future



CREAL ASIA is the Singapore office of CREAL Group. We provide a direct route for our global investors to gain access to rare Japanese real estate opportunities commonly available only to local institutional investors

CREAL ASIA’s parent company, CREAL Inc. (Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange) is a real estate investment and asset management company that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. CREAL is Japan’s leading real estate online investment (crowdfunding) platform with more than 52,679 investors (as at September 2023).

Through CREAL Group’s Japanese platform/network, we are able to offer our investors a comprehensive and bespoke one-stop solution to Japanese real estate investments. This include in-depth deal sourcing, real estate fund structuring, asset management, property management, Japanese banks financing arrangements and more.

CREAL’s Presence in Singapore


Started private Japan property seminars in Singapore


Appointed as asset manager by a SGX listed real estate conglomerate for a Tokyo hotel

Signed healthcare investment collaboration agreement with a Singapore MNC


Concluded 2 healthcare funds (5 assets) for a Singapore MNC at JPY5.26B


Concluded 3rd healthcare fund (1 asset) for a Singapore MNC at JPY1.05B


CREAL’s number of Singapore UHNW/ HNW investors reaching 60


Concluded a JPY2.24B residential BTR portfolio for a fund management company in Singapore

Concluded a JPY1.24B hotel for a UHNW SG investor

Incorporated Singapore office CREAL ASIA Pte. Ltd.

Management of CREAL ASIA (Singapore Office)

Daniel Wei

Head of Singapore

Daniel Wei

魏 天浩

Calvin Sin


Calvin Sin

沈 国棟

Management of CREAL (Japan HQ)

Akinari Tokuyama

Founder / Chairman

Akinari Tokuyama

徳山 明成

Daizo Yokota


Daizo Yokota

横田 大造

Yoshihiro Kaneko


Yoshihiro Kaneko

金子 好宏

Tomoaki Ota


Tomoaki Ota

太田 智彬

Yusuke Yamanaka

Head of Investment

Yusuke Yamanaka

山中 雄介

CREAL Offices

CREAL Group Japan HQ

7F, Shimbashi 27 MT Building, 2-12-11, Shimbashi, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0004

CREAL ASIA (Singapore office)

10 Anson Road #05-01, Singapore 079903

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